Donna McKinnis Warren NEEDS our HELP $7,000

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have slowly passed for many of us, but Ms. Warren and her Grandson Buster have had an ADVENTURE none of us would want to tag along.

The Foreclosure Court Date has been set: January 8, 2020, for Donna McKinnis Warren and her home at 114 Jones Road, Butler, PA 16002.  -PLEASE pray if you are UNABLE to HELP click here if you CAN!!

Although Donna is in the process of Butler County’s Diversion Program, she now owes approximately $10,000.00 to MEET her back mortgage payments FROM when she recently fell ill and was hospitalized.

Through this gofundme PRECIOUS DONORS and the generosity of neighbors, Donna has roughly $3,000.00 collected and has listed her vehicle for sale in HOPES that it will sell this weekend, and raise enough to REMAIN in her home that has been in her family for over 80 years. 

Donna HAD to refinance her home to physically gain CARE and CONTROL of her Grandson Buster after BOTH of his parents passed away.  Starting with his mom, Amanda, in 2013, where Buster AMAZINGLY survived that HORRIFIC accident that claimed Ms. Warren’s life on that FIRST of APRIL in Penn Township, Butler, County Pennsylvania,  Route 8 and Brownsdale Roads.

The mortgage decision was formed under duress, and the mortgage company DID NOT HOLD UP ITS CLAIMS. As you can imagine, Donna refinanced her home to CONSOLIDATE and PAY the LAWYER for Buster. Nonetheless, the mortgage company did not consolidate all items as expected, and they rushed Ms. Warren into the closing without properly informing her, as the agent appeared to do while collecting all her information. 

ALL this in the last six years, what an ADVENTURE indeed!

FAST FORWARD to today January 3, 2020.

Buster is now living with his uncle and his family.

If anyone wants to discuss anything or help provide ANY possible solutions to the way LIFE has turned out for Buster and Donna, this past year, please REACH OUT. Loneliness is exhausting. Reach OUT. Even to say HELLO!

If by a miracle -WE TOGETHER- can raise the approximate $7,000.00 this weekend, perhaps Donna McKinnis Warren will have the chance to ADVERTISE for a paying roommate that to allow her continue to make the monthly mortgage payments since she has been unable to find a part-time job with the limited work restrictions due to her pacemaker, and general health status, unfortunately, stress has done much damage this past year!

Please go to this SECURE gofundme page and donate TODAY!

SHARE Share SHARE on your Social Pages too! Perhaps that is the WAY we WILL HELP Donna KEEP her HOME!

May your DONATION be BLESSED doubly from the LORD!

Thank you so very much!

Anna Marie, Donna’s Friend by way of the LORD!

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