Cut the root of bitterness from your heart and be FREE INDEED!

Ever feel that urgent NEED to CLEAN HOUSE?

Well, it’s time to make the demonic realm leave the vicinity in the precious name of JESUS!

Jesus’ name in Hebrew was โ€œYeshuaโ€ which translates to English as Joshua.

Westside Christian Fellowship Pastor Shane Idleman 7-6-2021

youtube: Identify Strongholds and Clean House Westside Christian Fellowship Pastor Shane Idleman 7-6-21; it’s WORTH sharing!

I found the video helpful, allowing me to see that SIN is either GROWING or withering away a little at a time in my life!

I ask JESUS to bless many with the ability to WEEP and CONFESS all their sins to be SET FREE of all the oppressive spirits forever INDEED!!!

๐Ÿ’– Anna Marie 7-10-21

The pastor talks about JESUS WORD like a hammer & Sword!

When you know the demonic Relm is REAL you will also know the HOLY SPIRIT is REAL and can CLEAN YOUR HOUSE, heal your marriage, bring your family back together, help you to feel less worried and anxious, take the jealousness away, stop the gossiping & slandering, keep you from being DISHONEST, and calms the ANGER from within!


WEEP, Confess your sins and be SET FREE Indeed!!!

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