Keeping up with the demands of the EVER CHANGING World Wide Web, and current marketing practices, for each of my business projects, I am continually learning.  It helps that I am digital-savvy and skilled at coordinating a wide variety of promotions while thinking creatively, strategically, and collaboratively.  

Social Media and Marketing HELP in Butler County Pennsylvania

Your tailored Personalized Growth Plan is designed to increase social engagement and may include one or more of the following:

  • Social Media Profile(s) set up and configuration.
  • Daily / Weekly post on each social media platform of your choice. All posts will be made to increase likes, consumer follows, post reaches, and overall insights.
  • Like or comment on existing company pages/posts you follow.
  • Product or People Tags.
  • Paid Advertisements if available on Platform of your choice. *
  • Campaign Launch – Anything can be launched!
  • Customized Reports.

Click here to read some examples of how a social media manager can help you:

Please Note:

*Advertisements may be billed separately due to the ever changing nature of each social media platform.

Additional fees will be imposed for supplying and managing all graphics, images, and videos.

Your videos, images, and graphics can be emailed or downloaded to a memory card.

A formal contract may be composed after the initial “Let’s Talk Session” has been completed.

I would 💗 to see your business, project, or idea GROW.
Let’s cultivate it together.