Your A+ Virtual Administrative Assistant with the ability to gasp future trends in digital technologies and act proactively on Social Media platforms

I provide expertise in areas where you may have a weakness, and I can fill in the gaps in a business where an EXTRA hand is needed, without all the hassles of hiring an employee!

Social Media & Marketing HELP in and around Butler County Pennsylvania

Did you know that hiring me as your social media manager or sometimes known as a”virtual assistant” is one way you can get a little extra help, or a lot of help, depending on your needs. Let’s Talk!!!

Here are some tasks I can perform without extensive training:

Design and implement Social Media strategy to align with YOUR business goals

I can compose any form into a digital “FILL IN” for your customers that can be emailed  or  placed  anywhere online.

I can research any topic and provide a wide variety of informative, professional routes that you may require. 

Manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

I can perform basic data entry, AND complex system updates as your Bookkeeping may require.

Suggest and implement new features to develop YOUR Brand, Product, Service or Business

I can HELP you create an organizational system that will benefit you for YEARS to come. Digital files to Physical Items – you NAME it.

I can HELP you create a variety of digital and printed marketing materials that will suit YOUR specific NEEDS

I can help YOU, your Idea, or BUSINESS gain a GREATER online presence available on the world wide web.

As with ALL of my partners, I provide excellent communication and reports keeping you informed every step of the way!

I have the proficiency to gain specific insight into your LOCAL Competitors, Customers, Supporters, and Fans. With the expertise to engage in dynamic relationship-building activities to get anything noticed using the most current advertising and marketing trends on and off of social media. 

I do many different tasks, some closely related to public relations and marketing. Other tasks may range from data entry to website creation. Business help in a wide degree of matters. Let’s Talk!!!

Maybe you are not looking for a full-time social media manager. Perhaps you need someone familiar with social media and freelances. I might be just what you need. Below are a few ways that I may be able to fill in the gaps for you on Social Media.

Scheduling Content and Posts For You

Posting content on a planned schedule, help choosing topics for the right times and the right days to get the maximum benefit. Just scheduling content can take a big load off your shoulders.

Create Content For Posts

I can do more than just schedule content posts; I can also help you create posts. Content is 150% important. It can be easy to get burned out, backed up, or overwhelmed with all the content you may have to create. I can help you with this.

Engage and Interact With Your Followers

I can help you by engaging with your followers. They can respond to your questions or posts, ask questions, and then I follow up with answers. This shows the public you care and are there!

Want to GROW your BRAND and Generate Sales FAST?

My Public Relations will infuse your Brand 🌐

I handle the way the public looks at a business’ reputation. I handle social media, and marketing too.  My strategy is to gain support and build GREAT public relations.

There are many other ways I can assist you, but these are some Social Media ways that will free up significant time for you to focus on other things.

Really ⏰ is 💵 , and sometimes it just pays to have someone else do certain things for you. Click here to check out my Action Page, and you will find several action links filled with more detailed information dedicated to each section heading.

Promoting your business, idea, or project is SIMPLE.

Get your Creative DIGITAL Ad to promote your Business, Idea, or Project TODAY!

Let's Talk about OTHER plans that can HELP you GROW online!

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