I’m sure you have heard that SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.…. Well here is my version.

S = Specific: Do you know what you want to plant, water and bring to harvest? Maybe I can help you hit the nail on the head. Keep reading…. oh yes grab a 📝 .

This goal should be something that sets your SOUL ON 🔥!

M = Measurable: No idea even where to start? I can help you 👀 results that Matter!

How will you know when you reach your goal?

Let’s create a Personalized Growth Plan for that GOAL.

A = Attainable: Any GOAL is attainable. It helps to brainstorm!

The best goals require you to bend, but remember you will NOT Break!

R = Realistic: 💲 Are you REALLY willing to commit to your goal? ✔️

 If you don’t believe that it is possible then you won’t try and that will lead to guaranteed failure. The only way to truly fail, is to not try. 😦

 Relevant: Is your goal relevant to your budget💲✔️

 Your goal should be in line with your family budget . ⚖️ Needs vs. Wants! 😉 ❤ amh

T = Timely/Time Bound: Have you written your GOAL down yet?

It’s TIME to plant, water, and harvest those goals!

The difference between a dream and a goal is the written word…

It’s TIME to take SPECIFIC action toward that goal. Remember it won’t magically happen just because you’ve put it on paper. TRUST ME even if you come up with a really fantastic SMART goal, nothing will happen if you don’t act on it.

😎 Before you leave – PLEASE go to the bottom and answer the six “W” questions!

When setting goals it is very important to remember that your goals must be consistent with your values, and by all means, please make sure your goal is high enough, because you are worthy!amh

Shoot for the 🌝, if you miss you’ll still be in the 🌌. If you’re never able make it, everything you do to reach your goal will make you better at what you are trying to achieve and a better person. Shoot for the moon, and I’m here to HELP!

Here are a few 😇 🆚 👿 examples of SMART goals:

👿 SMART goal: “I want to have a lot of money”.

😇 SMART goal: “I want to make one million within 10 years by starting an internet marketing business selling personal development products all over the world and by providing life coaching consultancy and conducting live seminars.”

👿 SMART goal: “I want to lose weight”.

😇 SMART goal: “I want to lose 20 lbs by Summer. I will start with ………………… (#) times a day/week and I will eat a healthy diet that includes greens. ❤

👿 SMART goal: “I want to write a book”.

😇 SMART goal: “I want to write a children’s book that is at least 15 pages in length and get it completed by (SET a DATE). I will write /draw/create at least (#) pages every day/weekend until I complete the book.”

As you can see setting goals in all areas of life is a SMART decision!

Every time you make a decision during the day, ask yourself this question, “Does it take me closer to, or further from my goal.” If the answer is “closer to,” then you’ve made the right decision. If the answer is “further from,” well, you know what to do. ☎ 📫 📩

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I’m a creative thinker, designer, and planner based in Butler, Pennsylvania, and my goal is to work with people who are ready to take that NEXT step with their BLOOMING idea and TURN it into a reality. I have the proficiency to gain specific insight into your LOCAL Competitors, Customers, Supporters, and Fans, with the expertise to engage in dynamic relationship-building activities to get anything noticed using the most current advertising and marketing trends on and off of social media. With over two decades of dedicated employment, I know what it takes to GROW a brand, increase online engagement, and turn a passion into a profitable business. Cultivating the skill to commit comes naturally to me. Every project that I accept, I put my heart and soul into, and I’m ready to create your Personalized Growth Plan! At our first meeting, I will find out what your needs are. Then I’ll be able to formulate a personalized growth plan for that specific idea, believe me; my RATES are very reasonable. Let’s Talk 💖 Anna Marie