“Anna Marie has helped our business understand and accomplish goals that were aimed to increase our presence on social media.  She has increased our click through rate, as well as assisted in growing our follower list on Facebook.  This has allowed us to receive a higher response rate on posts, and  increase our reach and presence across many social media platforms.” Adam Martin, Owner of Martin Sales and Service, Inc.

“Anna Marie’s diligent and dedicated efforts in a grant she applied for on behalf of our church was astounding to me. I myself am not disciplined enough so I so appreciated her persistence in that effort. It was tedious and I would have given up, but Anna Marie was earnest and conscientious in the process. Her sweet spirit coupled with her careful attention makes her distinctive from all the rest!” Justi McGrady

“Anna Marie was very helpful in assisting in the research of customers and clients in the real estate business. Her help resulted in making it easier to communicate with all and improving their lives and family lives presently and in the future. I thank her so very much.” Claudia Sickles , REALTOR ® 

“Anna Marie and I worked together at a real estate office. Her always cheerful, helpful personality was a light there. ” Gina Loebell, REALTOR ®  Coldwell Banker

“Anna Marie served as the development director for Portersville Christian School and did an outstanding job for us.  She assisted with fundraising for general needs and a scholarship fund.  She planned events which promoted the school and which helped us increase our enrollment by more than twenty students over a two year period.  She was able to handle the irregular schedule and a wide variety of different kinds of event planning and promotion.  I would recommend Anna Marie to anyone doing this kind of work.”  R. Lee Saunders Midwestern Christian Academy

“I worked with Anna Marie at Martin Sales and service. She served as the executive assistant.
She also greeted all customers who called acting as a secretary.
Even though she was very busy doing her job she went above and beyond her duties by assisting me and all the other workers by explaining how to use the computer. She also would help me look for information on line.
She also helped all the guys by listening to our problems and struggles about our work as well as any personal worries we shared with her. Her listening and compassion greatly improved a sometimes stressful environment.
I often told her “she appears to be smiling all day long”. This attitude is contagious and made work, fun!
Thank you Anna Marie for all the help you have given me. I count you among my favorite coworkers.

Mark Leitem

Ronee Haller, RN Butler Health System

Treat people RIGHT…..

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