⚖️ Law Appreciation Day 👑

The W🌎RLD sees GOD as the ULTIMATE 🌌 Cosmic Kill Joy when it comes to SEX, and for that reason, Christians are OFTEN labeled as EXTREMELY Hypocritical & Prudish when it comes to the discussion of SEX. 🏩

Below is a profound lesson based on the Ultimate LAWGIVER about Adultery & LUST, delivered by a cool dude! If you ever get the chance to meet Joel, Cindy, and the boys, you will be blessed! They are true gifts from the LORD, with an AWESOME story that they openly share! 

Sermon Series: He Said What?! Sermon Title: Standard of Purity
Bible Passage: Matthew 5: 27-30
Speaker: Pastor Joel Rishel

Joel explains why JESUS draws boundaries. Why JESUS says SEX outside of Marriage is Forbidden and why SEX is a BLESSING within the GIFT of marriage!   ✝️

Joel goes on to explain that NO matter how deep the SIN is – YOU do NOT have to be CRUSHED by what you have DONE, THOUGHT, or SAID.

In Matthew 5 the Law Giver, the Giver of GRACE, the PERFECT lamb of GOD  came to take away our sins – ALL of THEM.  Nobody is too LOST!

Just admit that you BLEW it. 

Ask JESUS to give you the power to be transformed to HIS standards of Purity, and to RESTORE the bitterness that is pulling your marriage apart.

The Song of Solomon is a BOOK in the Bible that is a Celebration of joy & goodness representing human love between the two sexes & the sense of inner fulfillment & harmony with God’s creation that arises from such love.

Listen to Max McLean read aloud the Song of Solomon

Here is a FREE link to Marriage & Family Counseling, A Christian Perspective by Stan E. DeKoven Ph.D. it is a VERY informative read 📰 – Download the 132-page book for those intellectual brains. Stan explains that we have been called to conquer, as we live out the principles of God’s word in the family, church, and community in which we live. ✝️

Listen to Chuck Swindoll’s overview of Song of Solomon in his audio message from the Classic series God’s Masterwork here.

Passages that reveal the Ultimate Authority of GOD below 👀

Jesus the KING of KINGS – Revelation 17:14

Jesus is your Security – 1 Peter 1 : 3-5 John 10 : 27-29 Romans 8 : 38-39 Philippians 1 : 6 2 Thessalonians 3 : 3 2 Corinthians 1 : 22 Jude 24 – 25 Isaiah 40 : 26 Psalm 23 : 6 John 6 : 27 Ephesians 1 : 13 Ephesians 4 : 30 John 6 : 37 Hebrews 6 : 11 – 12 Hebrews 6 : 18 – 20

Jesus is the Ultimate Authority – Revelation 19 : 12

Download the FULL in-depth study of the Song of Solomon: Passion, Purity, and the Glory of Christ Growing & Changing Commentary © 2018 by Matthew Black ISBN: 978-1-387-30597-1

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