Open position or current JOB availability within your company that you would like to advertise on Social Media Platforms?

My Social Media strategy is to gain support and build your digital platform by maintaining healthy social online relationships and offering respect and engaging interactions with prospective employees, potential customers, peers, and clients in and around Butler County Pennsylvania

My strategy is to gain support and build your digital platform by maintaining healthy online social relationships and offering respect and engaging interactions with Prospective Employees, potential customers, peers, and clients.

Message me directly at if your business would like to advertise a “JOB” within your company online or in print.

It’s now easier for YOU to find and MENTION this Page by Username. When commenting on posts directly within ANY post using this username @WorkButlerCountyPA . This will alert a possible need, and send me on the hunt to address any issues.

Visit this FB Page at to see what ideas you’d like to have advertised, and then Let’s TALK!

I encourage you to start your advertising here, then promote it on your own social media pages to engage with the community and open dialogs that will last a lifetime.

Open positions or current JOB availability within your company SH🎯ULD be advertised on Social Media Platforms.

I take the BEST of your information and turn it into a sharable link that can be PUSHED in many directions.🔁

✉️ Private Message me directly at if your business would like to advertise a “JOB” or “Open Position” for Online Platforms💻 or in Print 📰.

✔️Ask me Anything
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Let’s 😏FACE it…. We are in a digital revolution in 2020 💻

🎯 Let’s HIT the MARK together!

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I’m a creative thinker, designer, and planner based in Butler, Pennsylvania, and my goal is to work with people who are ready to take that NEXT step with their BLOOMING idea and TURN it into a reality. I have the proficiency to gain specific insight into your LOCAL Competitors, Customers, Supporters, and Fans, with the expertise to engage in dynamic relationship-building activities to get anything noticed using the most current advertising and marketing trends on and off of social media. With over two decades of dedicated employment, I know what it takes to GROW a brand, increase online engagement, and turn a passion into a profitable business. Cultivating the skill to commit comes naturally to me. Every project that I accept, I put my heart and soul into, and I’m ready to create your Personalized Growth Plan! At our first meeting, I will find out what your needs are. Then I’ll be able to formulate a personalized growth plan for that specific idea, believe me; my RATES are very reasonable. Let’s Talk 💖 Anna Marie