The devil is always in the details, or so they say!

One question about BIG BROTHER?


Does protecting our communities come under the guise of Altruism?

How SMART do you want your CITY?

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Christmas Day 2020 Twitter post from
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Nashville Tennessee Bombing caught on CCTV

Now I like the rest of the planet, watching humanity speculate on what happened today in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, want to throw my 2cents in, so here are some informative links for you to start your research journey. Merry Christmas!

Anything that takes our eyes off JESUS’s ultimate salvation for us is confusion from the devil. Thank you for shining light & salt Sparkling heart in this adventuresome journey we call LIFE, which can help us RISE or demise in our OWN thinking. PTL, the Holy Spirit understands without ever using words!

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