Remember as “THEY” fall down DO NOT replace those evil spirits!

DO NOT become the face of EVIL

Make sure you test POSITIVE for FAITH, Keep your distance from doubt & always isolate from fear!

DO NOT allow the UGLY to FORM on your or in your soul!

Trust GOD through it ALL!
Don’t ever be afraid to start over again, you may like your NEW STORY better!

Go where GOD leads you, even if it takes a long time, but GO with GRACE!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay has a DEEP meaning!

A Mockingjay, a famous symbol in the Hunger Games, a pin that was worn by Katniss during the Hunger Games represented so much more than a pin!

See more from Suzanne Collins the author of the hunger games & more!

The Mockingjay resulted from a genetic mishap where the Capitol created genetically engineered birds known as jabberjays, which had the ability to exactly reproduce conversations, during the first revolution against the Capitol. Their usefulness eventually waned, as the revolutionaries found out about them, and started passing false intelligence to the birds. These birds weren’t suppose to mate, they were all male, but they ended up mating with native mockingbirds, to produce mockingjays. The mockingjays had some voice – in particular, they could sing simple songs – but did not have the full range of reproduction of the jabberjays. The Capitol ended up with egg on their faces, as not only did the jabberjays prove a resounding failure, but the reminder of that failure lived on long after all the pure jabberjays died off.

The Mockingjay becomes the symbol of revolution. After Katniss defied the will of the Capitol at the end of The Hunger Games, her Mockingjay pin became a symbol for revolutionaries everywhere, leading to a second rebellion against the Capitol. Katniss herself becomes a similar symbol after her stylist puts her in a dress that transforms to resemble a mockingjay’s feathers, and Katniss herself becomes known as “the Mockingjay”.

Aug 13 ’19 at 13:54


Grits – They All Fall Down

Blood curdling truth
Working the word in as proof
Besides mine the guidelines of righteous paths taken
Tremendous speaking, fresh out the kitchen
And never switching from the homegrown
Hole it down like the ozone
This is for the playa playa
Make ya holla holla
The kid with no morals
Sell his mama for a dollar
They all fall down
They all fall down
They all fall down
They all fall
I’ve compiled this alongside with bone
So you can file this under for the opposing a nihilist
Doubt what you know nothing about reactionary
Belief in the scripture’s fulfillment are contrary
To popular belief
Hell-bound in a basket
Sucking on their teeth
Wound up in a casket
At close, you froze
Already chose the doors you go trough
The life you chose to lead
Determines the place you go to

To the naked, untrained eye
Who can’t see time fly by
Revolving on a carousel
Living life like a modern day fairytale
Slow mo’, urgent message gets a no-go
What fo’
Can’t nobody tell you
Everything is lovey dovey
Till your plans fall through
They all fall down
They all fall down
They all fall down
They all fall

Lay it down flat
The ins and outs of this business
Oral with my morals
Things I say seem pretentious
Show change
I ain’t deranged
To be looked upon strange
Like the dames in the verbs joint (shoot, we the factors)
You ain’t know yeah
Rally all my troops in GI Joe gear
Arsenals and weapons abundant
Stop me if I sound redundant

Sound redundant
Man please appease me
Repeat yourself
Most folks scared of the truth
Living lies
Fooling themselves and everyone surrounding
Deception of perception blind
To what self did deep down
Deep down beyond the black hole
of the soul in control

They all fall
They all fall

I was surrounded by the darkness
Of the hearts of men’s
Plots for spots to roll rovers
Controlling blocks and lots on top
Where I was charted to be
But failing to see truth
Behind the lies of eyes
Handling G’s
They squeeze until my soul was unloaded
Holding to nothing
But folded bills
Concealed like weapons looking to kill
My mind filled
With thrills and pleasures
Life could offer
Walked amongst the dead
Laid to rest in a coffin
Nocturnal destiny
Leading to my eternity
Hourly concerning me
Yet I wasn’t yearned
To be all of what
His calling said to be
And bred to be
Actually I thought it was all about me
Took for granted what was handed by the unseen
Invested all my time and effort
Building see
Appealing to my desires
And lustful feelings
Thinking I could make it by the grace of God
Straight disgrace the face of God

They all fall
They all fall

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