Western Pennsylvania’s premier exterior cleaning and restoration company with cleaning methods that are so effective they INCLUDE a 1 YEAR warranty on house washes and a 2 YEAR warranty on roof cleanings. ❗️❗️❗️

Owner: Mak Kellett 724-421-9475 wetworxpowerwashingpa@gmail.com

Their services will NOT void any remaining warranty on your roof or siding, unlike high-pressure washes ❗️❗️❗️

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Wet-Worx Power Washing & Exterior Cleaning services include:

House washing

Roof washing

Concrete and masonry cleaning & sealing

Steam and hot water pressure washing

• Window cleaning

Wood restoration, staining, and sealing (cabins, decks, etc.)

• Hard water stain removal

• Rust Stain Removal

• Soft washing is typically used to wash homes and other buildings that could potentially be damaged with high pressure. Wooden structures such as decks and fences can be soft washed/ restored if high pressure is not appropriate.

• Pressure washing is typically used on hard surfaces that require high pressure to remove stains.

• Hot Water Pressure Washing can be used in many of the same ways as normal (cold) pressure washing. However, hot water washing is typically more effective on most stains as temperatures reach near 200 degrees fahrenheit. This is essential in order to lift many non-organic stains/messes such as gum and oil.

• Wet-Steam Cleaning is a combination of high pressure steam and water that can reach over 250 degrees fahrenheit. It can be used to clean messes ranging from grease on industrial and agricultural equipment to range hoods and other kitchen equipment.

• Remove most stains on outdoor surfaces including rust and hard water stains.

• Dustless Blasting can be used for many things including cleaning metal parts and graffiti / paint removal and much more!

Mak says to give him a call; he cleans it all!


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The difference between Sealed and unprotected concrete.

Call Wet-Worx at 724-421-9475 to extend the life of the expensive surfaces around your home, business, or place of worship!

Servicing all types of buildings, driveways, shop floors, decks, patios, fences, sidewalks, agricultural equipment, kitchen equipment, industrial equipment, and SO much more!


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