The Christian soldier wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Or, as the Scriptural margin reads, “wicked spirits in high places.”

Greek4758. stratologeo — to enlist soldiers
 From a compound of the base of stratia and lego (in its original sense); to gather
(or select) as a warrior, ie Enlist in the army — choose to be a soldier. 
// – 6k

Butler County PA Collation of Churches FB Post on 8-4-21

Visit my blog page to learn about surrendering to JESUS because each circumstance we battle shows us how STRONG we are with the power of the Holy Spirit via JESUS or how weak we are by SIN OFFERINGS!

I know a little about the TESTS of LIFE and can tell you they are hard trials, and we humans FAIL royally, some would say, but indeed we are ROYAL, aren’t we!
 Look it up in the BIBLE!

Do you know what JESUS actually said? Find more that’s hiding from you!

Listen up, I was sick for WAY too long with ABSOLUTELY no definitive reason to doctors, BUT I KNEW – I had an infection – NO let me reiterate – I HAVE an infection – we all do – and it’s a problem that won’t go away – pestilence has a way of leaving it’s mark especially because we KNOW what TIME it IS!

Infections like this C19thingy has been with us for a LONG TIME, calcifying our INNERS trying to pull through to your 3d front to take you down like the mush of slime we all are on this planet!


If something is broken, oh my WORD = JUST fix it = PRAY and I promise you JESUS will lead you to every answer! 8-7-21

Throwing this in here because it could CHANGE your LIFE! The only helpful thing any doctor said to me = change your diet!

I”d be glad to sit down with anyone who needs help or prayer!

How many friends do you have? Sometimes people are sent from the devil to cause strife, and I’m the first to say I don’t stop and pray with people like I want to! Time to stop and take the time to PRAY with others in the NAME of JESUS!

Be Loyal for LIFE & GOD will place people to help SHARPEN your Wisdom, Discernment & Strength so keep your EYES, EARS & HEART open!

Doors of resentment break relationships because humans lie, cheat, and say hurtful things that demoralize, discourage, and disturb us to our core, don’t let relationships be a burden, but a blessing to others even when you deposit more than they invest in you!

I promise you JESUS knows it all and HELPS!

💖 Anna Marie

Eyes wide open looking for the #HolySpirit to indwell in the hearts of ones that are actually having a hard time looking into the eyes of some certain folks!

Speculation causes servants to SIN but when we are bold enough to actually begin to have a conversation with others things CHANGE!

People go to church to hear the TRUTH, what about YOU? Sherry White – Josiah (Official Music Video)

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