Are you a HOMEOWNER and find more RED TAPE than opportunity, making it difficult for the local state government, neighborhoods, communities & lives to prosper together?

Please tell me what RED TAPE you can’t afford to deal with! Its TIME for a CHANGE of TAPE COLOR in our Communities!

Please tell me what RED TAPE you can’t afford to deal with!

Submit below to be included in an action plan for a resolution or Bill proposition that I’m still putting together, detailingΒ TRUE community advancement. Incorporating places of worship, small business owners, and the creative & thinking minds who realize the importance of HUGS, handshakes, plants, patience & the prosperity of purpose EACH can bring to theΒ wellbeing of one’s soul.Β πŸ’– Anna Marie

It’s TIME for a CHANGE of TAPE COLOR in our Communities!

πŸ’– Anna Marie

It’s time to #RISE and be a PART of your COMMUNITY.

Butler PA Citizens Forum Public group post on Facebook from 9-21-2018 asking what changes in Butler would people like to see.

It starts at HOME, what you ask?

Making a difference in LIFE!

Let’s cut the RED TAPE & build back a BETTER bond!

πŸ’– Anna Marie

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πŸ’– Anna Marie
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