Name Based bullying or GREED indeed?

  • Shall be is an important phrase to understand the concreteness of any phrase! (click on the words in color for more info.)

In a flood-prone zone you know you can’t re-BUILD anything so you take painstaking remedies to remodel anything you hold dear!

💖 Anna Marie

The age of our dwelling says OLD on the “Hard Card” which means it is ancient!

Given our shed was never framed together only adjoined by rafters we had to really put work into the remodel and knew it will be a long term project!

So we marked the height and used the posts to serve several purposes, the main being keeping a spot on our tax deed in which we pay taxes for unused sq ft.

Old saying down here in the bottoms “you can’t build in a FLOOD PRONE ZONE”

Evil uses words to make things very hard for people, especially the POOR!

Given we live in Pennsylvania I made sure we were following the rules, people here are not as nice and friendly as they were in the town where I grew up!

To PLAIN OLD WOOD is tricky! Doing a side at a time was impossible, so you see we kept a space in place so we can actually store our mower in something other than a tent!

I have been stewing on the clear separation of powers between the governing body and the council that makes the decision and law-making policies within Penn Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, since December 31, 2020, <click to see the 1st letter they sent to us about a building on our deed already.

Is Penn Township in the business of making money by choosing only on their own suspicions and reasonings?

Penn Township, Butler County, PA Zoning Ordinance #166 Adopted June 19, 2017

Ordinance 166, Chapter 20, Zoning Permits, Penn Township, Butler County, PennsylvaniaSection I

Penn Township, Butler County, PA Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance # 170 Final Draft dated 3-12-2018

LAND use and Purpose verses Intent. Were they meant to bring fear and intimidation to Penn Township Landowners?

In December I alerted the Township via Submission Page to consider the Purpose and Intent of the deeded structure, of our, remodel, well apparently they did NOT get it.

I have an idea why and alerted them in my formal email on 3-7-2021.

Along with the intent to join the supervisors’ committee in some capacity, because I see intrinsic value in ALL of PENN TOWNSHIP.

💖Anna Marie
In a flood-prone zone you know you can’t BUILD so you take painstaking remedies to remodel just to keep money changers off your back!

Given our shed was never framed together only adjourned by rafters we had to really put work into the remodel and knew it will be a long project!

So we marked the height and used the posts to serve several purposes!

To PLAIN OLD WOOD is tricky!

Doing a side at a time was impossible, so you see we kept a space in place so we can actually store our mower in something other than a tent!

Section 1506. General Powers.– The board of supervisors may make and adopt any ordinances, bylaws, rules and regulations not inconsistent with or restrained by the Constitution and laws of this Commonwealth necessary for the proper management, care and control of the township and its finances and the maintenance of peace, good government, health and welfare of the township and its citizens, trade, commerce and manufacturers.

Welfare in line with the STATE of PA is a whole other subject I may write upon someday!

Purpose and Intent of Penn Township

Section 1506. General Powers.–The board of supervisors may make and adopt any ordinances, bylaws, rules and regulations not inconsistent with or restrained by the Constitution and laws of this Commonwealth necessary for the proper management, care and control of the township and its finances and the maintenance of peace, good government, health and welfare of the township and its citizens, trade, commerce and manufacturers.

1933 Act 69 Pennsylvania General Assembly
Second Class Township, May 1, 1933

Section 1516.  Land Use Regulations.–The board of supervisors may plan for the development of the township through zoning, subdivision and land development regulations under the act of July 31, 1968 (P.L.805, No.247), known as the “Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.”

1933 Act 69 Pennsylvania General Assembly


MAY enact and enforce

Section 1517.  Building and Housing Regulations.–The board of supervisors may enact and enforce codes and ordinances to govern and regulate the construction, alteration, repair, occupation, maintenance, sanitation, lighting, ventilation, water supply, toilet facilities, drainage, use and inspection of all buildings and housing constructed, erected, altered, designed or used for any use or occupancy and the sanitation and inspection of land in accordance with Article XVII-A. (1517 amended Nov. 24, 2015, P.L.427, No.69)

Compiler’s Note:  Section 4 of Act 69 of 2015, which amended section 1517, provided that Act 69 shall not be construed to repeal or modify any township ordinance in effect on the effective date of Act 69 or affect any proceeding or enforcement of any township ordinance instituted prior to the effective date of Act 69.

1933 Act 69 Pennsylvania General Assembly

After exhausting all I had in my bathrobe, the officer said to suffice FEMA reporting requirements for future disasters and I’m in VIOLATION in the LAW’s eyes, according to Penn Township & I can pay him to make it go away! Truly time for a change of TAPE!

FEMA Floodplain Management Ordinances

In 2017 I alerted the Penn Township Administration about the nonreporting to FEMA, see if you don’t have flood insurance, who would know you need HELP?

💖 Anna Marie

No one would ever know this area’s needs and that is why I spoke up. It was NOT to infringe more hurtful regulations on the ones already suffering from just being POOR!

When our founders said that TRUTH is SELF EVIDENT, they did mean it to be objective and rational!

After or during the election, Tucker Carlson made remarks about buying a good home for around 60K where people could hide, grow old and die in Butler County; I don’t just want to live and die!
I decided to keep promises and hold people to a standard that is clearly marked in several well-respected documents before I die. Way to go Jenna Ellis! We all should be bold with JESUS!

America as a whole is in a spiral mode of over-policing, which only induces HATE, with authoritative pushback for even the audacity of gathering and asking WHY.

Human liberties to each person are highly different in what we each derive from the United States Constitution and the Holy Bible!

America is in danger of unrestrained governmental entities! I don’t want a fight, I want to FIX this now!

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if the FORM LETTER was actually a social construct of TRUTH and not lies in order to OVER POLICE and intimidate people out of MONEY!

Objectively SPEAKING this behavior is NOT objective or rational only money-grabbing in a fashion that is on the essence of civil society, but living under cruel and oppressive rulers! To meet quota Limits! SICK!!!

Look at America and the shape it is in!

Today, Sunday 3-7-2021 I wrote Penn Township a Formal Response since they did not get my submitted reply with the basic info that I now composed in a formal letter to my State Representative and all the Names on the Letterhead Copy. Not sure if they will actually get it. The devil is HARD at work, trying to destroy what shred of dignity I have left!

Click here to download a copy

Since the purpose and intent in Penn Township ordinances are to provide for the flexible development of existing structures, which makes sense, HELPING, not hindering, where is the HELP for those that can NOT afford another mower?

This bullying behavior must STOP!

I need a lawyer and my community have my SIX

Tomorrow night, 3-9-2021 – 6pm

157 East Airport Road, Butler, PA 16002

I wasn’t quite sure the Office would get my email on Sunday, but given the land-use office opens at 7am, & the officer was sneakingly taking photos to contest my email at 8am today, 3-8-2021.

I went out and tried to tell him my story, but as usual, any attempt to give a thorough explanation was met back with I know the law, and we have to report to FEMA. Interestingly enough, I had to tell PennTWP about the reporting form for FEMA in 17′.

Seems like the word MAY is at PLAY!

The Land Use Administrator came in a township car and said I can pay $100 for the permit to clear the issue.

Alternatively, pay $750.00 for an appeal to the violation and $500.00 a day fine imposition JUST because they can.

So only if I abide by falsehoods to keep my mower out of the weather by applying for a permit the violation will go away!

What a shame it’s needless to say, most people in the Village of Renfrew are unable to substantiate the comfort of life in the community at large, given all homes are historic in age and worth saving but residents living in fear of reprisal from administration in Penn Township with threatening letters of horrendous per day fines for the audacity of keeping our mowers out of the weather! 

💖 Anna Marie

When walls were never FRAMED TOGETHER only joined, you do have to take extra measures when remodeling. We know if you tear down in a flood-prone area it’s entirely impossible for poor folks to fix their lawnmower garages without the bullying threats of overhanded ordinances that keep the neighborhoods in the disarray of low-income living! Perhaps the standards of living could be notched up to say, if helping to build greater community confidence and the much-needed remodeling of existing utility sheds, which could start to bring the comfort of life back to failing neighborhoods, such as the village of Renfrew, beyond Butler and Pennsylvania, it would be beneficial to help the citizens instead of a whole park on main street, minus homes of course!

Sitting at my desk, I saw someone creeping around my shed, so I ran out and waved him over. In talking off my deck to the man who appeared to be in an officers vehicle, barefoot, I mind you, I wanted to explain the remodel, but he kept telling me there are footers for concrete, and I said my husband needs the floor strong for the wood, the officer inflicted his own words and would NOT listen to me.

Just must abide by the whims of a bent, perhaps racist man in a place of total WHITE authority.

I really tried to soften the mood and make him see reason, but I think there is more here than I can say exactly. I know my VOICE hurts to hear! I hate speaking publicly because of the elvish LOUD sounds!

For within reason, there is NO reason for us to pay money to anyone to store our lawnmower, especially since I”m following POSTED LAWS!

Isn’t this the same unincorporated RENFREW village where FEMA didn’t even know we were EVER in WATER trouble from any of the floods?

After all, the man was sure to point out that he hasn’t heard from any HERNANDEZ’ since March, 17′. Perhaps if the LAND man would go door-knocking in the good weather, he’d know his people. I did try to talk to a new cop when we were burning sometime back in the summer, but that is another SUBJECT we will be discussing very soon.

I’d like a visit from all the officers to get to know them on a FRIENDLY COMMUNITY SERVICE OUTING, but not to ask me if my neighbor is WEIRD, while my Pastor was visiting!

There is a proposition with coming soon for ALL of Penn Townships & its public servants!

I do hope Representative Daryl Metcalfe takes us seriously!

I pray for STRENGTH to finish it because the devil is trying me!

💖 Anna Marie

We have the use of a woodshop across the street, where the UN=adjoined walls are being remodeled.

I go on to tell him the frame is only for marking the height and holding while rejoining the remodeled walls once complete, he refused to listen, only wanted to project his opinion upon the situation. Perhaps it is just my last name of HERNANDEZ?

Yes, it’s hard for me to speak out loud; well, I need an AARON like Moses had!

I can’t understand why the need to hurt people beyond extremes, moving into falsely creating animosity with lies!

Can demanding a false narrative to gain a few dollars for Penn Township in the purpose of scaring, intimidating, or just over policing us build greater community confidence?

Penn township Land Use Administration is not representing any purpose and indent but money making and is not representing my deed as a citizen of Penn Township truthfully; it appears Mr. Bonetti is targeting our area since the last community outpouring to the supervisors meeting regarding the water problem after the floods.

NFIP – National Flood Insurance Program –

WHY am I being penalized by a township’s FEDERAL reporting on an ENCOURAGED program that I can’t even afford?

Human liberties to each person are highly different in what we each derive from the United States Constitution and the Holy Bible!

Was Penn Townships intent to allow the SAA sewer and other undertakings to remove people from their homes a plan to create a park on Main Street after all?

If a VIOLATION in my name can go away with a $100.00 permit, then an illegal violation can go away altogether, right?

This serious law violation now opens an opportunity to formally include Representative Daryl Metcalfe, our state representative, to propose an action plan for a resolution or Bill proposition that I’m still putting together, detailing TRUE community advancement.

Does the TRUTH possibly hinder HOME RULE or just enough twisted words to get gunned through projects PASSED quickly in the night?

If Penn Township is trying to raise money, perhaps I can help put a call to action out for something our residents can be proud of!

All generations alive want to benefit from a community where they can BEST enjoy the lifestyle suited to them.  People today are not made to feel inclusive; that is the life of demise the devil wants all humans to achieve on this earth! It’s time that JESUS saves BUTLER!

I choose not to separate work, CHRIST & life! Several other Butler County business owners and I, along with many Penn Township Residents, from across the WHOLE AREA of Penn Township, look forward to knowing all the Penn Township Servants within the Municipal building as we continue to build HELPING others the best way we can!

When the weather turns we are going to be Incorporating places of worshipsmall business owners, and the creative & thinking minds who realize the importance of HUGS, handshakes, plants, paint, patience & the prosperity of purpose EACH can bring to the wellbeing of one’s soul into our plans to HELP grow SOULS for JESUS! That is until bigger projects take root with the LIFE of CHRIST! wants to make a HUGE difference in the way we live together in peace and harmony, starting here in the Village of Renfrew.    I say it’s time for a change of tape color! Everywhere!

I also understand GROWING a business, and in sort, Penn Township is running a business that allows for undertakings such as the Village of Renfrew overlay mapping district.  

I assume these undertakings were meant for several reasons other than allowing people to be released from their homes with compensation.

In a way, some GREAT efforts were made for those that wanted to and could leave the flood-prone area to do so, and I’m sure they were most grateful for the Townships Effort back then!

NOW I must attempt to get a written response; to an FOIA request on everything concerning the Village of Renfrew overlay mapping district, because the attitude of the Land Use Manager said a lot!

  •  Who initiated the idea, and all the minutes to back it up 

I’m sure it was an effort to preserve the natural beauty of the creek!

  • Or was it to make the whole of Main Street a Park for Penn Township?

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