Ever hear of a “spirit” or “attitude” of Abimelech influencing those around them?


kai: and, even, also original Word: καί
Part of Speech: Conjunction
Transliteration: kai
Phonetic Spelling: (kahee)
Definition: and, even, also
Usage: and, even, also, namely.


How do you SEE PEOPLE the LORD puts in your PATH?

https://www.thebereancall.org/content/october-2013-classic To reiterate, not only is predestination/election never said to be unto salvation, but Paul carefully separates predestination from salvation whether in its call, its justification, or its glorification: “whom he did predestinate, them he also [kai] called…

  • them he also [kai] justified…

The Greek kai shows that a distinction is being made: predestination is not the same as calling, justification, or glorification.

Hobbs comments, “Predestination…simply means that God has predetermined that those who respond affirmatively to His call…will be justified…and furthermore will be glorified.

All of this is ‘according to HIS purpose’….”

The plain meaning of the text is clear = TELL HIS PEOPLE to keep looking for the LIGHT in HIS face!

Today GOD still allows evil spirits to cause strife in our lives, that “spirit” or “attitude” of Abimelech operates in our timeline influencing those who appear to only want their ears tickled and JESUS truly knows who HIS real hard assets are!

In times like these, we must cling to the TRUTH and have our HOPE in JESUS’ plan of salvation despite the ever-changing times of uncertainty in this world, there is still GOOD to be found and marvels yet to be seen if we can unplug from the world around us REMEMBER names are important and there are TRUE invisible cords directly to the LORD seek HIS face!

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