United States Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad F. Wolf, seems like all the cookies are in his JAR, but is he willing to share?

Most often, JESUS leads me down a rabbit trail to find pertinent information to pray for & draw attention to if required, sometimes called stirring the pot! This is my calling, here I am! 🤨😉

This weekend it was the United States Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad F. Wolf, turn & I am called to pray for his push in procuring BIG BROTHER under the guise of altruism.

Being a solicitor, in ways, I”ve come across plenty of RICH ridiculousness in puffed-up words claiming to HELP people.

I TRULY appreciate direct, smart, kind, caring people.

Mr. Wolf caught my attention with FEMA (Disaster Queen here, it is a long story, one day I’ll write about it). Believe me, he appears to be ONE smart cookie that has the power to HELP us LIKE the police once again if he allows the Holy Spirit that JESUS left us to RULE his WORDS, Actions & steps of discovery.

Although I think the LONG GAME has already been written & we are watching it unfold before our eyes. 1776 commission of 2020! This Presidential action list of Donald J. Trump packs some wallops that may just help expand the think tank!

The troubling thing is, how do we get all teams to work together to combat the evils of this planet?


My daughter was learning to drive and a COP we happen to know just doing his JOB
gets WAY too close with LIGHTS WAY too high… FEAR by intimidation is NO way to LIVE!

I have NO idea who this kid is in the video, but what was done to his dad by the police is disturbing in SO MANY WAYS! Things MUST CHANGE in every state!

Truly fear by intimidation is NO way to live for anyone, it has become a mindset for many who live just below the “standards” of WORTH!

I found some interesting wording in #23205 Rules & Regulations of Federal Register 2020-08481 04-27-20 – click the underlined link!

Who knows why I tend to wear many hats, except the fact that JESUS has been gearing me up for something spectacular in the END!

Click the underlined links to learn more about the Federal Register, the Official “newspaper” of the US Government, a repository of regulations that impose penalties that are effective & enforceable!

Plus the following: FRA of 1935 , APA , Presidential Documents Executive Order 12866 on 09-30-1993,  Presidential Docs EO 13563 on 01-18-2011, Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980, Executive Order 13132 (Federalism), History of FEMA Responsibility for Response to
Technological (Manmade) Emergencies
, Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, PL 100-707, signed into law November 23, 1988; amended the Disaster Relief Act of 1974, PL 93-288, Stafford Act, as Amended

THIS one takes the CAKE: National Protection Framework of 2006

This 40-page report has an Awesome opening & closing paragraph, it’s the in-between that may contain some shade unless LIGHT is shown upon it! Community MUST be across the board in the FIVE pillars of the mission for it to truly work!

Community mission Jesus, the Good Shepherd, shows that when the wolf is at the door knocking & packs are pooling together, it’s time to be aware because the wolves can teach you to live in this world and still get to heaven!

What exactly are YOUR steady-state protection activities at home?

Are they the NEW surveillance techniques? = BIG BROTHER?

  • Persistent Surveillance Systems operates a 192-megapixel aerial camera array able to capture a 25-square-mile swath of a city. Images taken a second apart are streamed down to analysts on the ground.

The push for Mental Health Stability is Population Control – BUT WHY?

I understand the NEED to protect, I DO NOT understand the need to criminalize the thoughts of the WHOLE community at LARGE!

Anna Marie💖

Who exactly are these Corporate Executives?

Sams, Verizon, Walmart are the 3 in my community that I can see!

Why? I’m a very watchful person & I see you watching me!

Is it the body scan? Is it the fact that I carry a weapon at all times?

I’m passionate about LIFE, Liberty, & JUSTICE for ALL – not just a few!

The STRESS of living in FEAR is OVER, for in the OPEN we are STRONG, a community of PEACE & Understanding! Stop SHAMING each other!

A small story, I called something fishy really fishy in 2009 Americans in the hospitals, roll around to Ascension health records release, incoming planetary systems, earth truly crying out. JESUS is coming back for HIS Bride; whether or not we are ETERNALLY ready depends on each of our own hearts because we may perish before we actually see HIM coming on the clouds with mighty warriors for HIS final battle! Standards matter, whose standards are you following?

So back to the REAL ID, I still need to figure out if it is a biometric ANYTHING, but for now, just say it brought me on a LOOP to wonder who the powerful CARING people are in our government TODAY, as in yesteryear. Given the flaming, farting fantastical false words, the evil one ferments daily in our institutions! May JESUS light your path now!

Read the inaugural address of Robert T. Stafford for the BIENNIAL SESSION of 1959 & his Farewell address of 1961. Time is one of the sacred things in the world. It is intangible but VALUABLE!

What end do you see with this CRAZY bombing in downtown Nashville, TN on CHRISTmas day 2020?

So this rabbit hole began this weekend with the CRAZY bombing in downtown Nashville, TN on CHRISTmas day 2020 & my knowledge of the amount of monies out there for GRANTS, but only for a select few!

GOD placed each one of us in a position of power & the HOLY SPIRIT is our power bank into whatever DAILY task set before us, use HIM!

In January, as the world was gearing up for its FEARDOM & killing itself OSHA 1910 PPE style, see the 124 page OSHA Compliance Guide, I decided I was going to conquer evil set before me, whatever way the LORD leads, so each morning I step into the role of protector, mentor, & FRIEND!

Where does your heart get its POWER rest?

Anna Marie💖

Living comfortably in the land can be achievable, with LOVE & community, but people working to death have NO time to LOVE!

RUN towards the darkness, but bring the LIGHT!
Let’s make something great for JESUS & HE will see us through!💖

It would do us all good to remember that people who are different than us are NOT STUPID & NOT always evil. Stand up & have moral courage daily. LISTEN & Talk to those you disagree with because dark spaces promote contempt, which is the conviction of others!

Be the LIGHT for those suffering in the DARK!

Staying silent is NOT working, dehumanizing others is slowly corroding our hearts & isolating ourselves is causing us to be the loneliest people on the earth. STAND UP for OTHERS – TODAY!

Uses real footage, from REAL LIFE!

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