In Adversity or Prosperity LIFE HURTS sometimes and it is very hard to deal with it ON YOUR OWN!

Listen, JESUS already KNOWS what happened!

HE does not want us to RUN from the challenges we face in this journey we call LIFE!

Marriage issues are REAL, and the devil has a purpose of dividing families; he usually attacks the HEAD first, making sure the family unit is destroyed because we are a jealous and easily offended breed of people and by finding faults in every TRUTH of JESUS holy light we push the darkness inside.

Find the LIGHT while it can be found! ๐Ÿ’–Anna Marie 8-2-21

The reason for GOD pushing me to KEEP WRITING is so that you know you are not alone and that ALL of US have crises, adversities, setbacks, dilemmas, and DRAMA in life!

Each circumstance shows us how STRONG we are with the power of the Holy Spirit via JESUS or how weak we are by SIN OFFERINGS!

I know a little about the TESTS of LIFE and can tell you they are hard trials and we humans FAIL royally some would say, but indeed we are ROYAL, aren’t we! Look it up in the BIBLE!

JESUS really wants us to surrender ALL of our PAIN POINTS directly to HIS ear from our heart, mind & soul!

There will be guaranteed challenges that will either build UP our journey in this life or tear down the security we have in it.

We all have natural weaknesses and need the HEALING forgiveness of JESUS mercy and grace so I’m asking the Holy Spirit to invade our loved ones to repentance by sending our children to help heal our lands with NO bloodshed!

I’m asking JESUS to continue to stir us up until we WEEP because the STRUGGLE is real, and the time to RISE is now for the hour is short, and the winds of TIME are approaching quickly!

๐Ÿ’– Anna Marie 8-2-21

A GREAT REVIVAL is possible one heart at a TIME!

Relating with people becomes hard when you have an addiction, and that is a SIN if it separates you from JESUS!

๐Ÿ’– Anna Marie 8-2-2021

Sometimes when we’ve been walking in the flesh for so long we just need a little feeding of the mind to rejuvenate the senses; when was the last time you read the book of JAMES?

Names have meanings, what is YOURS? ๐Ÿ’– Anna Marie

IF we don’t obey what JESUS said do we understand the implications of our VERY OWN sins?

We know GOD is going to judge the WORLD, and if we are in darkness, we should start seeking the LIGHT and asking for deliverance of whatever is searing our souls to the GROUND!

I’m as guilty as the rest of us at building walls, but getting better at tearing them down in the important places around me. See for me the catalysts that woke me up was JUST one of those innocent things created in my womb that reminded me that EVERYONE struggles with reliance, motivation, trauma, and fear from evil one! Seriously #JESUSknows it ALL!

Being a parent and a teacher I know we repeat ourselves over & OVER again as reinforcement in the learning process hopefully creating positive behaviors because we know TRUE application MATTERS & love always shines through in the end!

Ask JESUS to give you those Unexpected Treasures when no good can be found, ask HIM for JOY when hitting rock bottom creates those HARD life lessons and ask HIM to give you those extreme coping skills to solve the uncertain problems that will always come from the unescapabable grief LESSONS in this life!

Hebrews 12 provided by helps you to keep sin from weighing you down; raise the white flag before the small sins become those BIG ones that are harder for the full FAMILY!

I promise you there can be a transformation from SIN when you surrender your soul’s desires and humble yourself with the stew of acceptance, for we can be either a tree of righteousness or a child of the devil, so walk in the SPIRIT to Victory!

There is nothing sweeter than being reconciled back to GOD, for if he asks more of you, HE will give you the ability to face whatever challenge befalls you!

Will there be true punishment for the rulers of the earth &unknown sights in the sky?

Call upon the #HolySpirit in #JESUS name now!โ€ฆ

๐Ÿณ Raise your WHITE FLAG, Praise JESUS, identify STRONGHOLDS, clean house! ๐Ÿณ

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