HELP needed before 1-8-20 Donna McKinnis Warren SECURE  πŸ‘€  πŸ‘€ gofundme Account She MUST have $10K by January 8th. βœοΈ She has raised $3K and her πŸš˜ is listed for πŸ’΅ SALE anyone interested please leave a message πŸ’– James 1:27 βœοΈ Please SHARE this with ALL your GROUPS, and on your WALL. NEXT Week is VERY VERY CLOSE…… For the whole story,Β visit the Let’s Help […]

Personalized Growth Plan

I understand you are BUSY! I get that!Β  I am BUSY too!Β Β  See some Testimonials. Because we are BUSY people, I created a SIMPLE way of asking those IMPORTANT questions, while getting YOUR feedback in written & email form. These COLOR-CODED packets are part of my “GET to KNOW you PLAN”! Bringing you engaging TIPS […]