Whether or not we chose to be on this planet, if you are reading this, you are alive, able to understand the reason behind our journies’ path into the promised GLORIOUS UNKNOWN that our LORD JESUS CHRIST rightly died for!

It hits us all HARD at different points on our journey, LIFE that is!

JESUS allows each one of us to pursue purpose, maybe not always a clear PLAN, but knowing you are a child of GOD will bring the ONLY peace & security here on this EARTH!

Surround yourself with people who MAKE you SMILE!

Don’t compare yourself to others!


JESUS allows each one of us to pursue purpose, maybe not always a clear PLAN, but knowing you are a child of GOD will bring the ONLY peace & security here on this EARTH!

Surround yourself with people who MAKE you SMILE!

Don’t compare yourself to others!


Vulnerability for JESUS is NOT a weakness!

I’d recommend this video to everyone seeking to understand the spirit, soul & the crazy state of the world we live in today!!!


Fallen Angels, Demons, Giants, and Clones by Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker where he delves into some “interesting topics” on Halloween day of 2021, he looks at the Bible to see what it says about “spooks,” “ghosts,” “demons,” “monsters,” and more…

That REASON is for you to understand that YOU have a PLAN and a PURPOSE other than just getting through the day alive!

I mean, we ALL watch TV unless we live under a ROCK, and that is a true possibility these days, yet on TV, we understand that most COULD be real issues behind the veil.

Yet, we shrug it off as it’s just TV, inherently knowing it is REAL, but just talking your own mind into a little TV TIME to take your brain away from the day’s cumbersome walks on the journey!

That nudging recurring issue is the HOLY SPIRIT warning you!

I jokingly tell others, “GOD is the KING of KARMA”!

Ask my kids, they will tell you! The GOOD LORD really does SEE everything, and I have eyes in the back of my head!!!

There is NO escaping this planet without realizing you will die one day.

That is a crisis all in itself, but HAVE NO FEAR, JESUS is always near to those who seek HIS face!

Some people are fortunate enough to seek JESUS early in LIFE.

Others struggle against that NUDGE up until they take their very last breath, that is PRIDE, and it truly KILLS the Cord to the LORD!

Seek JESUS now, think about it!

πŸ’– Anna Marie

It is our gift to understand the times & seek those who carry the cross that bridges the understanding GAP!

Don’t be fooled; this CHRISTIAN walk is tough; the enemy seeks to devour you like a lion hunting its prey!

Firey Darts can even come from family and friends unknowingly on their part; that’s how evil stirs the pot!

In this walkthrough LIFE, there will be spiritual battles, the devil will try to oppress you, and when he can’t get you, he will go after your family, so keep praying and kick that fear bucket to the curbside for the TRASH pickup, if your home is anything like mine, we take the trash out daily!

πŸ’–Anna Marie

Always remember the world is putting on a SHOW to steal your mind from TIME with the LORD, dare to TUNE it OUT!

πŸ’– Anna Marie

Asking JESUS to slow the Behavioral modifications due to fallen angels, demons, GIANTS & the clones that are abounding on the earth today seeking to devour you!

I had almost begun to give up on finding others with a mind for #JESUS online, then little by little I felt that something broke the internet to try & fix it?

https://bibleteacher.org/2021/07/30/the-mark-of-the-lost/… John 6:66 From that time many of HIS disciples went back and walked no more with HIM…

Remember the NAME of JESUS is POWERFUL!

JESUS puts things in our paths for REASONS that we have to decipher whether it is a good path or the RIGHT path!

Take time to LISTEN to the feedback and cast out the negativity of the pollutants in this crazy world! IT will do so much for your mental wellness & you will see the FEAR melt AWAY! Folks call this discernment!

In my listening for the pot to boil, I saw a JOB posted by The Commonwealth of PA, the Bureau of Family Health, Division of Newborn Screening and Genetics to be exact on LinkedIN.

πŸ’– Anna Marie

Why does the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have a genetics screening department?

Description Of Work

As an Administrative Officer 1, you will provide budget and contract processing expertise to the program managers and program administrators. You will assist in the preparation of contractual documents [e.g., grants, contracts, sole sources, budget revisions, extensions, renewals, amendments and request for applications/proposals/quotes]. You will also review contract and grant documents to ensure that they have been prepared in accordance with Department protocols.

You will work with the director and program managers in the development, preparation, and review of the annual budget request and re-budget request. You will coordinate a response to assignments from the Division of Budget as directed. You will prepare encumbrance adjustments, expenditure adjustments, budget adjustments and liquidation requests when needed. You will review expenditures to ensure that allocated funds in each contract and/or grant are charged to the correct appropriations, and you will track expenditures, inform director and program managers of funding issues, and reallocate funding as directed.

In addition, you will be responsible for completion of Special Needs and PKU enrollment and re-enrollment applications, entering information into CORE, setting up in Infomaker, and transferring information to the Magellan System.

The work of the DNSG saves lives as early detection allows treatment to begin immediately, which reduces or eliminates the effects of the condition. Working hard and serving Pennsylvania each day is a rewarding job. There is great satisfaction that comes from knowing that your work makes a significant and lasting difference in the lives of others.


Almost every child born in the United States undergoes state-mandated newborn screening

What happens when evil knows how to TURN you ON or OFF?

Become a WARRIOR for JESUS!

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